Canada: Community garden changing life in small town North West Territories

The community of Fort Good Hope lies on the banks of the Mackenzie River in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories.



Although the federal government provides a Nutrition North discount on some food items, for the 550 people living in town, grocery bills run high.

From the time of harvest it can take three to four weeks for a fruit or vegetable to hit the shelves at the Co-op or Northern Store.

By Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs APTN National News

β€œIt helps to teach younger kids and budgeting with costs. We started with a wide range of seeds but have brought it down to turnips, potatoes, beets, peas and we tried onion sets. We tried onions but the crows got them,” she laughed.

In 2013 Manuel attended a gardening course at the Northern Farming training Institute (NFTI) in Hay River, N.W.T.

Manuel learned only the basics, it was that baseline that she brought back with her.

She applied for funding from the territorial government to cover the cost of equipment.

β€œI want to encourage someone to sell garden supplies. Right now you have to get those supplies in Norman Wells,” Manuel said.

Each harvest she learns a little more.